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We, The World is unusual in that we actually promote other organizations and causes that are working for peace, sustainability and transformation. Cooperation and partnership are key aspects of our strategy and mission. In fact we are building international networks of collaboration and action with platforms like 11 Days of Global Unity that amplify the efforts of all our Partners.

We would like to offer your group primetime exposure as a Featured Partner to our ever-expanding global network. We are reaching more than 850,000 people a year.


  • Monthly Campaign Conversations: Join us as we discuss and learn ways to embody the 11 Campaigns for Change.
  • Monthly Strategic Partnership Meetings: Join us live to collaborate with partners and expand with cross-promotion. Amplify the work you are doing. Let's Answer the question, "What can WE do together that we can't do on our own?". We are inviting partners and allies to share in many wonderful collaboration projects coming up and we would love you to share for 5 minutes about what you have going on and hear from other partners how we can work together and accomplish twice as much.
  • Ad space in Trends in Global Grassroots Organizing
  • Free product and service listings, sitewide discounts, and commission increase in the WE Store
  • Your logo and description included on
  • Email promotion 

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